Saturday, November 17, 2012


Back from a nice vacation, even though we're exhausted. Will update as soon as I get photos from my friend and sort them off. ki dai lio~  ^_^

Now only I realise I was wearing the same shirt as in the last photo I've posted. Hee~

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ello~ I had temporary abandoned this blog cause I was and I am busy.  These 3 weeks I'm going to get busier, but luckily is in happy way. Wait for me guys, I promised to update as soon as possible (- > -)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Late in the night, my stomach again starts to give signals to my upper and lower limbs to move towards the foods and pop them into my mouth..*stomach happy*

I'm so hungry now and made me missing foods I had in Taiwan. Looks through all photos that taken in TW, they are killing me mentally with gastric juice. Why ever I go and open that file to torture myself at this peak time of juices in stomach. Bang wall~

Dazzling Cafe honey toasts... Holy shit, you both are so mean to me yet smiling with sweetness...

 No doubt, the best roti I ever tasted and I'm so gonna go back Taiwan with reasons that this honey toasts occupy the major part. You hear it, miss  Liping.

Some little advice, if you have the chance to visit this restaurant, try to avoid chocolate flavour which it's so thick that you makes you easily full.. The portion of one is bigger than I thought...

Challenge succeed, I finished one by myself. Y(^_^)Y

Shi Da night market 大台北卤味。Juicy and spicy...Just so nice when matches with milk tea, aww~
It's worth it even though have to wait in U shape long queue.

 Shilin night market 药炖排骨, highly recommended by aunty that we bought local products from her.
She's right, it's damn good.

Match with 卤肉饭,正点~
What a pity the quantity of that rice is so not my stomach size. I'm a rice lover.

 Shi Lin night market 凉面
Always wonder how it tastes whenever saw on the TV, because it looks so simple and dry. But I was totally wrong. Surprisingly refreshing that I can have 2 with no problem.

 Must try in Taiwan, 臭豆腐。I've challenged it ^^

Lastly, I missed 饭团 🍙。There's one selling on the way we walk from our hostel to nearest station. It's just rices stuffed with simple things, but so good to have it as breakfast. Even those that are selling in mart tastes totally out of my expectation, which are so good. How I wish it can replace my nasi lemak breakfast, that made me feels cholesterol and stomachache.

Today I skipped my meals since morning till evening. I'm in Penang with so many local foods, but it's difficult to have a friend to come out accompany me. That's why I had my dinner in winter warmers alone, so pity and I really feel like crying. Really hopes can get to know more "Penang lang" who can bring me into alleys that I've been long for, no more foods in the shopping centres anymore. So sick of them. Especially you saw peoples on the other table are chit chatting happily with some souls, and all you have just a small small ipod that only comes alive when it connected to wifi. Seriously tears almost coming out. Can't tahan anymore, I'm going to buy myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 5. But honestly iPhone really kinda downgraded after the lost of Steve Jobs. =(

Miss you Ningxi... Wanted to call you out for many times, but I think you should be very busy now.

And you too, Miss Ooi~ Eh you know it's very hard to find a picture that we taken together. Can we please take more photos for next meet up?? Some more I have to go copy this image from Facebook, what a shame.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taiwan - 淡水

Again, I'm so late with this post. I'm sorry....
And again, all these pictures are from the same photographer, Mr Tan Ni Peng ^_^

I know I'm the fattest one, no doubt. =(

We saw lots of buskers in Taiwan, but this is the most impressive so far. He looks totally like a rusted copper statue, and so good in popping.

 Ningxi bought this gigantic tall mixed flavour ice-cream, to kill off the aggressiveness of summer.

The ice-cream was sooo tall and we tried so hard to finish it in this windy yet hot day.
See my flip flops?? (with green umbrella) Actually is size 10 of male. Our hostel's workers had their party at night before Tamsui, and someone who was so drunk and wore my RM7 flip flops from Hatyai away. Luckily it's so cheap, and the owner of the hostel found a brand new shoes for me. Even though it's oversize, but something is better than nothing, right?

 Cute boy who is so good in striking a good pose.

 Taking this boat to the nearby 渔人码头.

 Ni Peng and I

Chieng and Ningxi

 This fellow is really good in taking photo, isn't he?


 Windy hairs~

He's wearing shirt that I brought from Malaysia, from his friend. 

 可乐!! He is sooo cute~ He's so well-behaved too for letting me pat him.

Lastly, photo of us been to 台北小巨蛋. We're carrying Birkenstock. Ningxi said Taiwan sells the cheapest Birkenstock, exclude Germany. Therefore, I bought 5 pairs in total. Oops~

I bought a pair for my mommy, which is special print only can get from Taiwan. But so far, it was still left unwear in the shoes rack. So brand new even already 2 months. And I bought myself 2 pairs too, which are Graceful Morocco Gold and Graceful Riviera.



Actually I want to buy Amethyst, but my size was out of stock. So bad~ Riviera is not bad though ^^ Chieng was lagi bad luck, all colours she wanted were out of stocks. In the end, she took dark purple and dark blue. 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Taiwan - 九份

After Taiwan trip, I was so in love with this pretty land and promise to go back again soon, perhaps. Peoples that we met mostly are so kind hearted and polite, left me a very good impression. Mostly the photos from this post are from Ni Peng, elementary classmate of mine who staying in Taiwan for long time. Even though we met again after 10 years, but fortunately we can still talk like when we're kids. He posted the photos by adding some effects in Facebook, and I just copy from there.

 We stayed near to Taipei station, it made our trip so convenient.

 We went 九份 on Saturday, and it's so wrong to go on public holiday. It was so packed and hard to take public transport.

 Ni Peng brought us to the famous 芋圆冰 which located at the very end of the street. He told me that the shop was very famous because of the scenery.

Me, Chieng and Ningxi.  =)


We're lucky enough to grab sits by the window which also facing this BREATH TAKING scenery.
OMG!!!! Jaw dropped.

This photo was taken by Ningxi, without any effect. Isn't it pretty??

 Aww~ Baked enormous mushroom with butter. I'm hungry now.

 Sooo juicy~

 Cost 4 TWD per entry, but honestly not much things inside.

 Normally peoples go in will listen to guide there, who will explain everything about gold first. But these 4 greedy peoples went in and straight away picked up the tools to "kutip" gold, hoping those metals can cost over the price of entry. Haha..within our imaginary world.

So unfortunately, we've tried our best.

小小弥勒佛 that we met outside the museum. So cute ^^

Look forward to coming post ya (ˊ_>ˋ) 再见咯~